Successful Party

Sorry guys, I haven't post any for couple days. I wasn't feeling well since Saturday after the International Friendship Day. But even though I wasn't feeling well, I still have managed to host a party, Sunday night, at my house for my friend's birthday. It was a successful party, few friends came over, there was lots of food and everyone seemed to enjoy the party. 
Every party I had here was always a successful one. The reason is that:
1. My house is small - open kitchen and living room- no one is out of place.
2. Separate entertainment  room - for kids to play video games or watch movie
3. Karaoke Machine - in living room for adults to sing
4. Lots of food - I don't cook but food are always more than enough 
5. No alcohol -  Just natural fun.
The only problem we always have is lack of parking space and I can't really do anything about that. 
Tip after the party: Don't use any of your towel's in the bathroom, because when people can't find paper-towel  to wipe their hands they'll wipe it on your towel...yucks! 
That smoke was from the hospital, covering the clear sunny sky and the jet plane  passing through going somewhere. 
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