Sweet little voice

I took this picture from my neighbors yard just this evening after work. 
Yesterday, my friend Marissa and I went to our friend's house to fix her internet problem. She needed the internet to pay her bills and to communicate with her husband in Iraq. Thank God, I got it fixed. My friend has a 17 months little girl. Few weeks ago when they were at my house, she calls me mommy, at first I was thought hmm maybe its just because she doesn't know me or my name yet. But yesterday when I was at their house, she still calls me mommy. Nobody thought her that, in fact my friend says that her daughter never calls anyone mommy except to her. I felt good inside, I just can't explain the feelings I felt. What really touched me was when we were ready to leave, she said to me with her little sweet voice "take care mommy".
Yesterday Morning, My friends got up early to do their laundry but when they got to the laundry mat, it was still closed so they went drive around. A friend called them and asked how are they and what they were doing and the conversation went:
they said "we are driving around looking for houses"
friend asked " looking for house for sale? why are you guys buying a house?"
they said "no"
friend asked "house for rent? are you guys moving out?"
they said "no"
friend asked again "so what houses are you looking for?"
they said "free one"

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