Don't get Comfortable

I just want to show you what I mean, I just want to love like you've never seen, Do you want to live like you used to dream? Then I've got a song for you.
Don't get comfortable by Brandon Heath

You find yourself falling down.Your hopes in the sky. But you heart like grape gum on the ground. And you try to find yourself. In the abstractions of religion. And the cruelty of everyone else. And you wake up to realize. Your standard of living somehow got stuck on survive.
When you're standing in deep water and you're bailing yourself out with a straw. And when you're drowning in deep water and you wake up making love to a wall. Well it's these little times that help to remind. It's nothing without love.
It's nothing without love

Deep Water by Jewel


  1. Nice bit of inspiration this rainy Monday morning. Thanks...hit the spot. =)

  2. Thank you for sharing is raining here as well:)

  3. I've checking on your posts and want to thank you for keeping up. I seem to have a problem with my computer settings or something that prevents me from seeing the media things that you are posting. I have the same problem with some other sites as well. Once I get caught up cleaning up my emails (if that happens) I will try to figure why I can't see and hear things on some sites.
    I like what you've been writing-- I can see that part.

  4. I love Jewel! Thanks for sharing that!!


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