You Change My Life in a Moment

I'm so glad my husband remind me to post something or else I would have forgotten it. Work and school is keeping me so busy. I'll be glad when the school is over..One week left but I have to get my Access Database done before Thursday next week.. I must go to bed now, I have to get to work early tomorrow because of the paychecks, it's Friday payday..
You Change My Life in a Moment by Sarah Geronimo
The nights the sky was filled with clouds
My worried mind was filled with fear
I couldn't count all the lonely hours
Spent with memories and tears
I never thought I would see the day
When I could throw all my sorrow away
But then you came and you showed me the way
You have made all those times disappear

You changed my life in a moment
And I'll never be the same again
You changed my life in a moment
And it's hard for me to understand
With the touch of your hand in a moment in time
All my sorrow is gone (is gone... is gone... is gone...)

I never thought that i could change
Could change so much in so many ways
I'm still surprised when i look in my mirror
To see that i still look the same

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