Quest of Many Trails

I was having a hard time looking for songs that starts with letter Q. I was so happy when I found this one and the video. My hubby is a fan of Lord of the Ring. He had been reading the books since he was young and basically memorized the words. It's kind of freaky when we went watched the first Lord of the ring movie because he knew what the character would say next and he got it all right. Anyway here's the song and if you want to see some part of the movie, play the video.

Quest of Many Trails - Plus One
If your tears want out then let them fall
They'll hit your cheek and then dissolve
You see nothing heals quite like time
It fills the gap between dreams and real life
So you give your pain a chance to run itself dry
Remember the story without all the hurt
Hold on to the fruit and wash off the dirt
You see life is bitter sweet
And sweets the best part
You never rate your happy
Without sad on the chart

Stars colliding against the dark
Of the night
You'll climb over the moon tonight
On your quest of many trails

Remember, will you remember
Who brought you here
Remember, will you remember your home
Remember, will you remember

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