I Love Surallah

I love Surallah during Christmas holidays. The lights, fireworks, food, the people, rides, and the diverse program they have at the plaza every night were entertaining. There's always a big event or big celebration during Christmas and New years in Surallah, it's a big deal for the people there. That's why my husband love being there during those holidays because of hours fireworks display everywhere in town.
Surallah is where I went to schools, elementary and high school, and I pretty much stayed at my grandparents house during school days. I also got married in Surallah Alliance Church. Therefore, Surallah plays a big part of my life when I was growing up.
Every time we go on vacation there, there's always something new or improvement in town. Someone said to me that maybe in 5 years time, Surallah will become a city. That'll be great! I can't wait to go back for vacation again.

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