River Cave in Bakngeb, Laconon

This place is special for me because when I was growing up, my family always comes here to celebrate life and enjoy the nature. Back then, every time we come to this place we barely see anybody, but now it became one of a tourist spot in South Cotabato and it's crowded. Everything looks so different now. It actually sadden me seeing all of the changes but I guess it will help the community earn some revenue.

Bakngeb River Cave became officially a tourist spot a week before we went there. The government had fixed the road, still very rough but drivable. Actually it was my first time going to this place and not having walk, it's quit far from town of Laconon. I drove the van all the way to the visitor center there and that was awesome! But of course, even though my family own a property just above the cave, I have to pay entrance fee just like everybody else, I do have mix feeling about that, but I guess it is what is it now. I also had to pay for cottage which is fine, it wasn't that much anyway, 50 peso for a cottage and 15 each for entrance.

This was in 1998 and yes that was me in the picture





As you can see, it changes a lot. But according to my mom this place look like this (but less people) 4 decades ago. So, I hope I'll see it changes again to where I remember it was.

I was surprised, the water was cold but I didn't get cold at all

The Yellow Rubber Boat - they use this now to get inside the cave, with the small fee. But before, my family and I would just swam inside with no life jacket or anything. 

Cottages are all over

 The T'boli Dance 


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