Saltpoint Beach Resort

I love this place and the time we spent there was awesome!  I love the hill, the cliffs, the rocks, the white sand, the clear water, the fish and everything in it. I been here twice before it became a resort. The reason why I been here before was, I got offered to buy this place, but sad to say, I didn't and don't have the money for it. It would have been perfect but I guess not meant for it.

After our trip to General Santos City FishPort (Tuna Capital) my family and I decided to come visit this place, since we are already close to the area. It would have been a waste to just drive back to our place in Surallah for 2 hours and not able to swim at the beach. Saltpoint was only 20 minutes away from the Fishport. 

When we arrived at the resort gate, we were greeted by a security guard with a big gun in front of him. After the gate, we head on to the beach which is a little bit of drive, and there we were greeted again by a caretaker who also have a big gun in front of him. Weird but I felt safe seeing that, especially being in the area. 

There was no body at the beach but us and the caretakers. I think it's because it was during weekdays.  It was hot sunny day but also breezy. Our plan was to go there swim and head back. But that didn't happen instead we spent the whole day there. We swam, climbed hills and rocks, we borrowed pots and pans from the caretakers (very helpful and very friendly) they went bought rice for us, we cooked our food and grill the fish we bought from the fishport, we ate, took a nap, relax, bond, and went swimming again, then we drove back home. So very nice and peaceful place that I didn't want to leave. 

One of the caretaker said that in 2 to 3 years time, we will see big improvements in this resort. I'm happy for them but also sad because I know it's gonna be crowded there. But I'm grateful for the great experienced I had in this place.  

Watch our video from Saltpoint Beach Resort


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