Gone to Heaven

The topic on Our Daily Bread today was about In Transition. It says that when we die we simply changing one situation to another. Our body goes back to dust but our soul will continue to live with the Lord forever in heaven.
When I woke up this morning, I got a message on Facebook that says my second grandma (cousin of my grandma) Lola Martha,  gone to heaven yesterday. I'm sad that I won't see her again here on earth but I know I will see her again up in heaven. But what I'm really sad is, Lola Martha was one of my biggest prayer support. She prays for me and for my family Every Day even though we are far far away from her, she never forget to kept me and my family in her prayers.
I'm glad that I was able to see her one last time on my recent trip to Philippines. She got to met my son even though I know my son is too young to remember her. We had a good talked and she was so happy to see me and my family.
Lola Martha was very faithful to the Lord and very active in church. Her home was a little bit far from the church and the road is rough, up hill, and has no street lights. However, that didn't stop her from going to church, attending prayer meetings, etc.  she walks alone, even at the darkest night. She walks! My whole life that I've known her, she always walked home and was still walking home the last time I saw her and she was on her 80s. She devoted her life serving the Lord here on earth and I'm sure she's happy right living with the Lord up in heaven. I will surely miss her.

Dancing in the Sky
by Dani and Lizzy

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