Drive the Philippine Island, From North to South

It was a lot of fun but exhausting at the same time. Driving in the Philippines is no joke! Heavy traffic, roads that are lack of signage and/or lines, and of course drivers who has no discipline made the driving there worse but seeing and exploring the Philippines from the North all the way to South was Awesome! A wonderful experience.  I'm thankful for my brother-in-law for driving safely and for taking us all to our destination safe and sound.
The most exciting and scary road we drove was from Baguio to Tinglayan, Kalinga Province, and most of that drive was at night! My gosh, the road is narrow, twisty and sheer drops. And for hundreds of miles, the roads looks the same, never ending turn! I actually didn't start driving until we got in Surallah, South Cotabato.

Our trip started from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). when we arrived there and my sister and her family pick us up and we traveled North. I hope to cover all this places with the A to Z challenge.
1. Dagupan and Mangaldan
2. Baguio - Burnham Park
3. Sleeping Beauty Inn, Tinglayan, Kalinga Province
4. Sagada - Sagada Cave
5. Bontoc
6. Cervantes - Bessang Pass Memorial Pass
7. San Fabian - The Farm
8. Bautista Pangasinan
9. Urdanita
10. Bolinao - Patar white sand beach
11. Tagaytay - Picnic Grove
12. Albay - Cagsawa Ruins
13. Matnog - Ferry Ride
14. San Roque in San Isidro
15. Tacloban - San Juanico Bridge
16. Leyte - MacArthur Monument
17. San Ricardo - Ferry Ride
18. Surigao
19. Davao
20. Gensan
21. Laconon
22. T'boli
23. Lake Sebu
24. Maasim
25. Koronadal
26. Norala
27. Surallah

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