Highest Point in the Philippine Highway System

One of the highlights of our trip to the North of Philippines was seeing the Highest Point in the Philippine Highway System. It is located in the Province of Benguet, town of Atok. From Baguio City, on the Halsema highway, it's only 29 miles or 46 kilometers, but to get there, it took us at least 2 hours due to the roads are not only narrow but also sharp curves, steep cliffs, and traffic were also bad in some part. Not use to driving that kind of roads, so we took our time to be safe. After all, better safe than sorry. The climate was a little bit colder than I expected. It was probably from 60 to 70 degrees fahrenheit, which my husband loves it!

Jeb my Nephew

Watch the short video of our trip in
the Highest Point in the Philippine Highway System

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  1. The photos are beautiful. Good luck on the rest of the challenge! We're doing “I’ve Got The Music In Me” this year on The Road We’ve Shared. – looking at how important music is in the Down syndrome community. I hope you’ll stop by and see/hear! http://theroadweveshared.com/category/a-to-z-blogging-challenge-2016


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