The most expensive spills - Gold Bars Spills

It happened in Russia in Siberian City, Yakutia. Nimbus Airline AN-12 was carrying 9.3 ton of gold bars, diamonds, and other precious metals that worth around 370 millions.  The plane was taking off when something went wrong and the cargo dropped and spilled gold bars all over the runway. 
The good thing is,  it didn't happen in the neighborhood or somewhere else. It could have been a disaster and very costly.  One gold bar can kill someone or something if being hit. Also, they will have a hard time finding and collecting those bars. It is indeed the most expensive spills in the history so far. 

Gold, silver and precious metal bars on the runway of the airport of Yakutsk, Siberia. A plane dumped more than three tons on the runway of an airport following a problem during take-off. Photograph: HO/AFP/Getty Images