A day full of forgetfulness

My morning started with this beautiful sunrise.

I don't know what happened to me today. I forgot things one after another.

It started this morning when I issued new ID, I forgot to get his old ID back. I remembered it after a while and got the old one back.

The second one was after I dropped my son to his classroom, I went to my truck and couldn't find my keys anywhere. I had to go back inside the school to retrieved my keys where I had left them.

The third one was the big one. I work inside military base. I don't work for military [DOD] though. I need my DOI ID and my driver license to get inside the base. I was driving heading back to work, I checked my pockets for my ID's but couldn't find them. I stopped by the visitor center to check my backpack but bith not there. Dang! I forgot my ID's at work. I can't get in the base without my IDs. I had to call for help to bring me my IDs so I can go back to work.

The fourth one - when I got home I charged my phone and my Fitbit both are low battery. I took a nap while waiting for them to get charged before I go to the gym. Well, after 15 minute napped, I got up, got ready and left. I went to the gym without my phone and my Fitbit.

So I don't know why my day was full of forgetfulness.