Natural Gas Boiler

In 2010 my husband changed our heating system from fuel to natural gas. New boiler was installed.
Due to recent several power outages the 8 year old boiler just quit working. Since natural gas is not yet available to a lot of residents in Fairbanks North Star Borough, no stores really carries parts and supplies for the boiler. Nate, the boiler guy, tried to fix it. We waited parts after parts to be shipped here from lower 48 but nothing works.
My husband called our home insurance when our boiler quit working to notify them of the problem. When Nate couldn't get it to work, my husband called our insurance again and went a ahead and filed a claim.
A new boiler was ordered from Anchorage. Funny thing is when they were loading the boiler in the truck, it got smashed. So the truck left without it. Therefore we had to wait for the next delivery, basically the next day. Nothing we can do about it but wait. Another night won't hurt us.
Anyways, I'm so glad and greatful we now have a new Natural Gas Boiler. We have plenty of heat now. I'm glad that Nate from Igloo Heating didn't give up on us. I know he was as much as frustrated as we do. But he was always checking up on us making sure we were alright and nothing froze up in the house.

This is our new natural gas boiler. 

This was the brand of the one that quit working