Face the situation and voice out

I was so irritated yesterday after my 1.5 mile walked carrying 45 lbs vest. It was so dang heavy and I was so tired. I decided go rent a locker. When I went asked I was flat out told they could not rent me because they're already full. I was pointed to front desk to sign up for wait list. So I went to the front desk, I asked how long is the waitlist, they couldn't tell me. They told me they have to email someone and it could take a week to hear something back. I asked for kids lockers, one person said no they don't rent it out and the other person said yes they do rent out but that's about it, they didn't even offer any help or check if its okay to rent it.

I usually don't go and complain, just let things go and hopefully I'll get over it soon. But that situation bothered me all day today and I know it's not healthy for me. So,  I decided I will face the situation and voice out my irritation.

I went and talked to the manager, she was rushing out to leave but she stayed and listened to me, which was wonderful. She apologized to what happened and she helped me out with the locker issue.

Now I felt a whole lot better. The world doesn't look like against me. I don't want to be a bitter person, but I had a feeling I'll be heading that road if I didn't face the situation and  voice out my irritation.