12 days of no house heat

Finally we have heat back in our house. We survived the long 12 cold days specially the other night when the temperature hit -20 ゚F. The space heaters was turned in to high settings but it was just really cold! Our home insurance allowed us to stay in hotel for the last two nights but we choosed to stay home.  Too hustle to go  because of work and school. 
We also didn't have hot water for 12 days! Using our restroom is like going in to outhouse - it could shrink the shit out of you kind of cold. I had to go to the gym to take showers but then I also use the hot tub and/or steam room while I'm there which is great. The rest of them in the house don't want to go with me in the gym. So they took showers Filipino style. Hot water mix in big tub and big cup for scooping.
Anyways, I'm so grateful and thankful for warm home with warm water. 12 days of no house heat was too long.

Not my home, I simply love the sunset