Fear of speaking in public?

For the first time ever... I did a presentation in front of about 30 supervisors today. Oh heck yes I was So nervous and afraid! My hands were cold, my heart was beating so fast just like I'm doing cardio. My voice changed, and at one time that I almost felt like I'm going to Cray.. all of "what if" came to mind but I did my best to focus on what I need to convey.
Talking to people just before my presentation helps a lot. Having a good note of what I need to cover helped me big time for not going astray. I was worried that I'll go blank, like I do most of the time when I'm talking. I can picture it in my mind but I cant find the words to say it. That has been my problem ever since.
Talking in public wasn't always easy for me. Fear of not being understood is always my constant companion. I have an accent and I'm  still trying to learn English language and my English  vocabulary isn't much. But I know I'll get there someday.
 Anyways, I'm glad I did my presentation well. I actually got kudos for doing a great job. Not bad for doing it for the first time.

My numbered notes