How My Son Lost His First Tooth

My son lost a tooth at 6 years old. He was eating an apple and suddenly lost his tooth. He cried hard because he was worried that he'll become toothless and he was scared when he saw his blood. Poor boy! He didn't know that he will lost his baby teeth eventually. The thing is he never mentioned anything about his tooth getting loose or wigley and we found out that a new tooth is already growing behind it.
Anyway, his tooth was missing and no where to be found. I'm pretty sure he swallowed it.The first tooth he lost and no visit from tooth fairy. The tooth fairy usually comes during at night when the child is sleeping and not after pooping. Just saying.
Blame it to the Apple
When he lost his first tooth
After a month this is what his new tooth looks like now. I'm worried that he may need to get a brace later on because of where is tooth is.

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