How did you do with the Northern Lights Show?

Few days ago we got notified that there will be a great Northern Lights show. A  huge geostorm that will give a chance to several state in lower 48 to see the northern lights display.  It was exciting. A lot of people got really excited. The hope was high, so many people stayed up waiting for the big thing to happened. Some drove far away, away from city light pollution.

I've lived here in Fairbanks Alaska for about 2 decades now, I have never stayed up so late but last night for the first time ever,  I stayed and waited for the Northern Light show.  I was really excited. I haven't got a chance yet this year to capture the northern lights show . Normally, when I'm up at night, I looked out the window and if I see a northern lights, I would go out and watched. But last night I stayed up until 5:30 in the morning. It was alright though because I know I was not alone. Yes thousands of people stayed up!

I kept checking the NOAA website, Northern lights App, Facebook notification, Allsky cam for updates.  I think I checked at least once every 15 minutes. It would interesting to know how much traffic their website got.

It was so disappointing but we can't force nature, it is what it is. I know it's easy for me to say because I don't have to spend money to see it. I'm also inside in the comfort of my home watching several episodes SHERLOCK on Netflix while waiting for the show. I guess that's one of the opportunity of living here in Fairbanks Alaska. 

  I downloaded this App just last night Northern Eye Aurora Forecast I think it's a pretty good App.
I was so excited seeing this. This was taken at 2:01am - I checked outside but all I see was stars
This here taken at 1:05 am, it's when I decided to stay up a little longer.
I told my husband since it was already 5:30 am that we should go out and wait for the sunrise. We've been having gorgeous sunrises lately. We went to bed instead, pretty tired. So here's the picture I took Friday morning.

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