I'm Feeling the Bad Effect of Daylight Saving Time

Two days after the 2019 Daylight Saving Time and I'm really feeling it. The effect of DST to me is so bad that I'm so stressed out. Lack of sleep causes domino effect on my daily life. I know it's only one hour change, but it's one hour too early too many. 

I had a difficult time going to sleep Sunday night and on top of that I had to get up an hour early than I used to. Last night, I went through the same thing again. It is so bad and so stressful. I had a difficult time functioning at work. 

Why do we still follow or observed Daylight Saving Time? It may have worked several decades ago but all it does now is causing a bad effect to our health.  Changing time - an hour - spring forward and fall back, need to stop. Oh please, could we make it permanent? leave the clock alone?!

The sun shines after a whole of snow. Flag at work - I raised it up this morning and down before I went home this evening.  

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