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Stunning and intricate Artwork. Amazing sculptures shaped from block of ice. Spectacular show and an activity to remember. Welcome to Ice Alaska!
Out of Reach
Ice Wall of Alaska
It was Friday after work, my family and friends decided to go see the new home of Ice Alaska and of course see the ice sculptures. One of my friend paid for all our entrance fees, see the cost below. We had a great time. My 6 years old boy Alan and his friend Frank had a good time playing on the slides and on ice sculptures. Great for the whole family. But make sure though if you go, to dress up warm and don’t let the sun fool’s you. You can enjoy park better if you are comfortable warm.
My friends and I
Alan and Frank on Ice Throne
Frank and Alan playing on ice sculptures

Ice sculptors from all over around the world come to Fairbanks, Alaska for annual ice art competition and exhibition to show their amazing skills.

The Ice Alaska found a new home this year at Tanana Valley State Fairground for 2019 World Ice Art Championships event. After a year off (2018), they are now back to business! Although they are not as huge as I can remember they used to, it was good enough for me. I went around, check each one and didn’t get too cold.

Even though most of the sculptors we’re not done sculpting, it was awesome to see them on action. My favorite was seeing them using a chainsaw, carving and sculpting block of ice and turning it to something magical.  That's amazing!
Indian Warrior: Artists - Baban, Angelito from Philippines and Marquina, Frederick from Canada
The Cutest Dragon: Artists - Kimura, Hiroaki and Nakamura, Junichi both from Japan

This was my favorite! I like the intricate details specially on this cute dragon. I also love how shiny the horns are. The details on the shoes are really cool as well.
I love the clear shiny horns
Saree :  Sculpted by Nakamura, Junichi from Japan
Forged Affection: Sculpted by Smith, "Pablo" David and Hugel, Stephanie both from USA
Final Trophy: Sculpted by Dawson, Todd and Currier, Chris both from USA
Chameleon: Sculpted by Doderlein de Win, Jostain and Doderlein de Win, Rolf Both from Netherlands
Venemous : Sculpted by Smith, "Pablo" David
Cornucopia of the Sea: Sculpted by Lewando, Carol and Lewando, Thomas both from USA
Ice Post
Tie the Knot: Sculpted by Eaton, Gina and De Maris, Dean both from USA
New Beginnings: Sculpted by De Maris, Dean
Hanging Out: Sculpted by Brice, Steve
2019: Artists Brice, Steve and Cox, Steve both from USA
Kaktovik Carcasse: Sculpted by Dean, Stephen and Brice, Heather both are from USA
Mold Forest: Artists Daanen, Ronald from Netherland and Timling, Ina from Germany

The cost for General Admission was Adult $16, Child (6-17) $8, Military and senior (62+) $12. For Season Pass: Adult $45 and Child $22.50. They also have Punch Card for 10 visit at $104. They accept Cash or Card. The Ice Alaska park is open from 10 am-10 pm daily from February 14th – March 31st, 2019.

Physical Address: 1800 College Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709
Phone#: 1833-442-3278
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 74674, Fairbanks, AK 99707
Ice Alaska Map
The Sponsor's Wall

Work in progress:
Tool Holder Ice Block

Short Video of Ice Slides

Sculpting Ice

There are few sculptures that I didn't get a good picture of so I didn't add them  here..

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