Taxi Service in Philippines and Thailand

I love how convenient having the Uber and Lyft taxi service around. They made my traveling life easy, convenient and a little secure especially when traveling to places I've never been before. 

My recent trip to Thailand and Philippines, I found out they don't use Uber nor Lyft but what they have is called Grab. It's pretty much the same. Knowing how much it would cost me before hand made a lot of difference. I can track the driver's location and know where I'm going using the map on the app.  I had so many bad experiences by using regular taxi while in Manila for example. They either charged me too much, or drive me in circle just to get the meter going up, or to a driver who was jacking off while driving us home from the airport. That one is hard to forget, yikes!  But don't get me wrong, they are still some good taxi drivers out there. 

If you are traveling to this country I suggest you to download the app Grab. Opt out on using your credit card, use cash instead. I ordered a car going to airport. The driver took my cash and later on found out my card was also charged. Of course I had to call Grab company,  I got my money back in my card but it just a hassle.  Some drivers still not used to dealing with cards I guess. 

It's all about the convenient 

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