Update on Lump on My Son's Neck

I recently got some questions about the post I did back in 2015 Lump on his neck  and I thought I need to give an update on it. It has been almost 4 years since I found the lump on my son’s neck. I was told that it was a swollen lymph node. I have seen several doctors about it but only got very vague or broad responses from them. They’ll say nothing to worry about, it will go away. I remember one doctor says in a couple of weeks the lump should disappear. Well, the lump didn’t go unnoticed until after a year. I know it didn’t bother him. He is pretty healthy and all so I stopped worrying about the lump.
no signs of lump anymore 

Above is the picture I just of him and visually there is no sign of lump on his neck anymore. However when I touched it, I can feel a small lump still in there. I don’t think I have to worry about it though unless it grows big again. But I will definitely follow up the next time I we go to see his doctor. I also just found out that my uncle (my mom’s brother) also have a lump on his right side of his neck, same side my son’s has. My uncle still has it and he is now on his 40s. Knowing that made me feel a little at ease. 

If you are reading this and worried about you child having it, it’s better to go and have your child checked by a doctor just to make sure. I would also love to hear any input or knowledge about it so I can share to other readers. I hope you’ll leave me a message. Thank you!



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