Do you know What day is it? Happy National Goof Off Day!

Are you ready to do something out of the ordinaire today?An entire day to be silly and goofy! Do you know what day today is? Today is not just Friday March 22nd. Today is National Goof Off Day! 

Why I have only heard of it just yesterday? I would have celebrated this every year if I've only known it.

According to National Day Calendar goof off day started in 1976. It started before I was born! I know some people celebrate goof off day everyday and really good at it. Maybe I'll follow one of them today.

I am ready! ready to seize the day. It's my day to excuse myself to do lots of nothing. I hope you'll enjoy your day too. Happy goof off day and yes happy Friyayyy as well. 

Being goofy on National goof off day
Just being goofy

Goof off day and watch a movie
goof off and watch movie?

Enjoying the nature and goofing off

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