Why I Wear Eyeglasses Again

This is an update on my post about 4 years ago Visionex Cured My Bad Eyesight. USANA Visionex did help my bad eyesight. For about 5  years I didn't have to wear my eyeglasses.  I was able to see near or far clearly and I didn't have to use my eyeglasses while driving. 

The reason why I wear eye glasses again

  • I stop taking Visionex due to the cost
  • I started working fulltime in front of computer
USANA is a trusted brand or company and have the best wellness products around the world. However, their products are also a bit expensive and that's the reason why I gave up taking Visionex.

Few months after I stopped taking Visionex, I started working full time with about 75% of my time at work is in front of 2 computer screens. My eyesight slowly went bad. It's not that bad but in order for me to see far clearly, especially driving, I have to wear eye glasses. And that's the reason why I wore eye glasses again.

I'm pretty content wearing my eyeglasses right now. I only need it when I'm driving or playing/working outdoors or anytime I need to see far. If I ever get tired of wearing my eyeglasses, I would definitely go back to using USANA Visionex again or go get a lasik. Not on near future though.

Looking at these computer screen at work was hard on my eyes
My 2 computer screen at work

I had to wear my eye glasses again after working full-time in front of computer screen
Me and my son Alan

My bad eyesight was cured after taking this supplement
USANA Visionex


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