Batteries dead

It's raining and i just got off work. I got home and the dogs were
begging me to take them out. So I decided to take the car. I haven't
drove this car for awhile (I love my avalanche) neither turnning it
on. When I let the dogs out, I forgot to turn the headlights off but
it was less than 5 minutes when I noticed it but here I am, car won't


  1. Oh wow! How did you get home? Did you have a knight in shining armour that came and saved you?

  2. no, not my knight and shining Armour who came rescue me but a good Samaritan. Even if it was raining, he helped me get my car started. I'm so grateful.

  3. This same situation happened to me also about a year ago. Sometimes it really happens. Good thing I always carry a spare battery in my trunk.

  4. So glad you were not left stranded:)

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