Weekend fun in the smokey outdoors

The smoke outside doesn't really bother us but it would be nice without it though. We took the dogs to the river last weekend. They loved it. We also went to my brother-in-law's place. They have everything there Organic. Very nice!
chickens at my Brother-in-laws place. They do keep chickens all year round even in the long cold dark winter.
One month left for this pigs. Up here pigs are seasonal!
and so are the bees. Honey in this hive is at least 50 lbs or 25 kilos. The queen bee stayed in the bottom part.
picking up peas.. the peas are so sweet, the best peas I've ever tasted.
My sister-in-law, Val. She got some zucchini for us
on our way to 37mile river on Chena hot spring road. Abby and Farcom was at the back of the truck
Chena River...Throwing sticks for them
See the smoke? This was taken Saturday afternoon in Chatanika River up in Elliot Hwy.
my hubby with the doggy


  1. I love the scenery and that everything is so green...can't believe it was all covered in snow and will be again in a few months. Do you have forest fires...is that where the smoke is from?


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