Chena Hot Spring

After my 2 hours hike in Angel Rocks Trail, I headed to Chena hot spring resort to see what's left of the 2009 renewable energy fair. Not much left, some people were already cleaning up, but I've seen some people I know and I had an ice cream, it was good. cars were parked on the side of the road half a mile from chena hot spring.


  1. That is a cute dog in the third picture !

  2. How hot is the water? Are there minerals in the water? The massage therapy sounded the best!

  3. There are 3 pools the one inside is like a public swimming pool, they have a hot tub big enough for about ten people, and the big outdoor pool has hot spots depending on how close you are to the water source. The water is heated thru heat exchangers because the minerals and plant growth would be a maintenance headache.

  4. Yes, the massage therapy sounded good.
    Lora, I hope migs comments answer your question. Winter time is the best time to go there, where the pool is surrounded by snow and ice.

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