Fishing/Dipnetting Trip to Kenai, Alaska

I'm so happy that we had a chance to go fishing this year in Kenai. Our good friend Rudy once again loaned us his zodiac (inflatable boat) for dipnetting. We didn't catch as much as we did last year but we had a good time especially after catching the king salmon.. Ohh! it was an awesome experience. Sockeye fish (Red Salmon) is the best!
Joel's releasing the boat in the water
We tried using our boat in Kenai River for fishing but it was a bit bigger for that river.
I'm just waiting for the fish to get in my net. Too bad though because commercial fishing was out scoping the ocean for red salmon the whole time we were down there fishing.. They didn't left us much fish :-(
other dipnetters/fisherman out there
On our way home, we passed these people fishing or fly fishing in this gorgeous Kenai River
Cleaning the fish we caught
Oh yes! the King Salmon.. This is the biggest fish I've caught so far. It was 35.5 lbs or 16 kilos
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  1. That is huge! I love salmon! Looks like you had loads of fun.

  2. I always wanted to get a King in my dipnet, but in 16 years living on the Kenai Pen., wasn't as lucky

  3. I had lots of fun and it was an awesome experience.

  4. Thanks for that inspiring post Lorena. Fishing in Kenai is really fun. I've been there for some fishing adventure with couple of friends, we had great catch that time. Hope to do it again this year.


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