Alaskan wild blueberries

August 1st, we went looking for blueberries and we found a bunch. For 3 hrs. of picking, we got 40 cups of blueberries. I had to get Farcom out of my container several times. Every time he passed by me, he grabbed a mouth-full of blueberries from my container, but he did learn how to eat it from the branches.
Here he is eating blueberries from the brances
Abby is just a good sweet girl. She was tired running around.
Busy man scooping blueberries
yep, we got a bunch! it was a nice day .


  1. First time I see a dog eating berries:)

    Are you going to make preserves?

  2. those are so good looking!!! :D Here is a picture i recently took of some berries from CA :D

    I just wanted to share with you:D
    i LOVE the picture of you with all those berries!! omg i am so jealous!! i love eating blueberries! I could eat my weight in them!

    Your dogs are so adorable and cute as well! :D

    Thanks for sharing, have a fabulous day!! :D

    Happy Summer!!!

  3. Thank you Angela.. Those berries taste good but a bit sour. I had fun picking them, no so fun cleaning..

    Love your pictures as always..The pictures you took of the berries, makes my mouth watered..Strong effect.

  4. Lynette, my husband cook those berries and we've been eating vanilla ice cream with blueberries every night. I've gained 2 pounds so far.


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