H - List of Low Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index measures the carbohydrates in a particular food based on how quickly the carbohydrates raises blood sugar and insulin levels.
Low GI = 55 or less - Eat more
Medium GI = 56 to 69 eat moderately
High GI = 70 above - Eat less or avoid if you can. 

Hamburger Bun = 61
Honey Smacks =  71
Haricot Beans = 38
Heavy Grain Bread = 47
Hummus = 6
Hot oat cereal = 47
Honeydew = 65
Hot cereal, apple and cinnamon = 37
Horse gram = 51
Highland oatmeal cookies = 55
High-fiber rye crispbread = 59
High fiber cereal = 52
Hi lite breakfast bar = 53
Hi bran weet bix with soy and linseed = 57 
Healthy choice hearty 100 whole grain bread = 62
Healthy choice hearty 7 grain bread = 55


  1. I remember learning these...Yes, choosing the right food is key! I need to go back on the Zone diet. My body likes that best or South Beach Diet phase 2(same thing)!

  2. I enjoy your healthy blogs, loved the pic of the dog.

    Have a peaceful Sunday,

  3. I'm amazed at the creative themes some bloggers are coming up with for the challenge. This rocks!

    Never heard of half of the things you list, but that's ok. Someone knows what they are.

    Popping in by way of the A-Z Challenge. I’m blogging at:
    Write, Wrong or Indifferent
    Marie Anne’s Missives
    In the Garden With Sow-n-Sow
    Every Day Crochet

  4. Lovely photos Lorena !!!
    And thanks again fro informations!

  5. Thanks again everyone for leaving me comments.
    @Ella, yes knowing what's good and what not and choosing the right food to eat is indeed the key!
    @ Yvonne, that's my abby sitting pretty at the back set of the truck while we went driving around town.
    @ Marie Anne, Thanks for stopping by. I will check your blog after I get done with my post for today.
    @ Magda, you are welcome and thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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