J - List of Low Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index measures the carbohydrates in a particular food based on how quickly the carbohydrates raises blood sugar and insulin levels.
Low GI = 55 or less - Eat more
Medium GI = 56 to 69 eat moderately
High GI = 70 above - Eat less or avoid if you can
Eating low GI foods doesn't mean you go hungry, it is simply knowing and choosing the right food to eat.


J - List of low GI
Jicama = 32
Just Right, Kellogg's = 60
Jackfruit = 63
Jam and peanut butter toast = 72
Jelly Beans = 80
Japanese style sushi white rice = 85
Japanese tamari rice and corn crisps = 91
Japanese wasabi, honey rice, corn crisps = 82
Jasmine fragrant white rice = 89
Jasmine white long grain rice = 109

 Japanese Cherry Tree


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