Bear in our campsite

Valdez Alaska is about 363 miles drive from Fairbanks. A long 6 hour drive or more, but I've always enjoyed the travel down there. 

On our fishing trip down to Valdez last September, we stayed at the Valdez Glacier Campground. Run and operated by U.S. Military and the City of Valdez. We paid $60 for 3 nights stay. The fee wasn't bad and of course if you're military you'll get discount.

View of campground heading out
View of Valdez Glacier Campground heading out

Valdez Glacier campground is a good base for Valdez adventures. A little drive down the road and you'll see the  Valdez glacier, access to the river for kayaking, and a shooting range.

We arrived at the campground late at night. We were pulling a boat so we needed a place where we can park both our boat, truck and have enough space for tents. We drove around looking for available camp spot and it didn't take long for us to find one. It was a really good spot. Big space, secluded, woods and brushes surrounds the campsite it was great for privacy. It has fire pit and a picnic table.

Our Tent and our nice secluded campsite
Our Tents 
This campsite has plenty of rooms for camping

Our campsite was closed to the waterfalls where we can hear the water guzzling down from the mountain, it was really cool, I liked it very much. I also love seeing the stars clearly shining bright at night, it was amazing!

On our second night there at the campground, it was around midnight, I woke up to a rumbling noise outside our tent. I was so nervous.  At first I didn't know what it was, I was waiting for my dog to bark or something but she never did.

I woke my husband up and I stood up and went to the door, picked through the window of our tent, it was so dark, couldn't see anything. Using the light on my phone, I saw my dog crawled under her blanket and without any noise or movement from her.  

I grabbed my truck keys and started it using my auto start (thank goodness for that) and I also had the alarm on and off. After few minutes, I went back to bed. However, the rumbling sound came back.

I then grabbed the portable flood light and point out to where the noise was. I then saw our coolers that was inside our tent  (over the picnic table) was taken out and was upside down on the ground. I pointed that light everywhere but didn't see any bear. 

I then heard people making noise, car alarms went on and off, and then a gunshot afterwards. So, I went back to bed, nervous but eventually fell back to sleep.

Our Tent
Our tent that got ripped during a bear visit

The morning came, we found bear claws all over the 2 coolers and ripped on our tent also. The bear managed to open up one of the coolers, the one that has milk, fruits and whatnot on it. The bear tore the milk carton and also ate some of the fruits that was in there. I know it was our responsibility to keep the food away. But our food cooler will not fit on the cab of my truck. That's why we securely closed the coolers, cover them with blue tarp and place them inside the tent by picnic table. But I guess that was not secure enough.

On our third night we stayed a bit outside, we had our camp fire going, hanging out, listening to music, just enjoying our stay there. That time, we placed all our coolers in the back of the truck and in the boat. The back of the truck was partially covered but with all the stuff in there - it was tight.

We went to bed and just fell asleep around 1am. I woke up to the rumbling noise again. This time I grabbed the big flash light and through the window of our tent I pointed the light towards my truck and boy I saw this bear looking back at me (or my light) he was on top of the covered part of my truck. 

The bear's look was like a kid that got caught in the cookie jar. It was priceless!

He paused for few seconds, I hurried back to grabbed my phone but the bear already jumped off my truck.  It would a been a great capture if I only had the phone with me. After the bear left our campsite, he visited others campsite too. I heard big voice shouting and engine starting, alarm on and off but I don't remember if I heard a gunshot that time.

I tried to wake my husband up but he was sleeping like a baby.  And my Sandy the dog didn't make a single noise. She was more scared than I was. My Mom was also awake with me the whole time.

The next day we found the big white cooler opened on the ground.

 The fish was gone, the only fish I caught, and the bear took it

Bear damage - big white cooler on the ground and fish was gone
Cooler on the ground - Fish gone!

That cooler was tucked-in tight in the back of my truck and also covered half way. Dang bear, the ocean is near with lots of salmon getting ready to die easy to catch. But no! he has to have my only salmon I got instead. 

It was alright though at least we are safe and no damaged to my truck and to the boat. Bear got in the boat as well.  I'm so glad the bear didn't go into our tent. I guess nothing there for him, no food! 

 Never bring any food in your tent because that's what bears are after

Here are the photographs I took, enjoy!

Valdez Glacier Campground
Valdez Glacier Campground located about 3 miles on Airport Road. 

campsite has enough room for our truck and boat
Huge campsite - with extra space for one more vehicle 

Campsite 80 at Valdez Glacier Campground
Our campsite # 80

My mom and the waterfalls at Valdez Glacier Campground
That's my mom by the waterfall

Bear footprints or Bear Paws print on my Truck
Bear Paw Prints

The place where the big white cooler was stored in the back of my truck
This was the spot where the big white cooler was stored
It was partially tucked under the cover

The view of the road from our campsite
View of the road from our campsite

view of next campsite #79
View of Campsite #79 next to us

Valdez Glacier Campground information
At the entrance of the campground -there's Potable water, shower, and restrooms. 

Here's what the yellow warning sign says


  • Keep Distance - Do not approach closer than 100 yds - 91m
  • Do Not Feed
  • Watch from pullouts
  • Keep pets in vehicles
  • Do not impede path of animal
Remember - Aggressive  behavior leads to Destroyed Bears

Our Boat in Valdez Glacier Campground
The campground also have covered area for picnic

Alan at Shoup Bay during our fishing trip
My son Alan - We had a great day fishing.
We took a short trip to Shoup bay and to see the Shoup Glacier. Shoup glacier is a lot smaller now than what it was the last time I was there.

kayakers on Valdez Glacier water
Kayakers on glacier water - This place was at the end of Airport Road. A short drive or even walk from the campground

my mom at Valdez Glacier
My mom  at Valdez Glacier

Road to Valdez Glacier Campground
A great afternoon drive from Fairbanks to Valdez.

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