Gardening experience in Fairbanks, Alaska

Summer is really short but with plenty of daylight, everything grows fast when it comes to planting and gardening in Fairbanks. I have so much fun seeing my plant grows, blooms, and harvested in just less than 3 months. Most gardeners have started their seeds indoors this time of the year. I have not started mine though. I'm still thinking if I should start anything from seeds this year or not. Most of the time I'd buy plants ready to be planted outdoors.

Here in Fairbanks, we are advised not to plant outdoors until after the memorial day weekend or in first week in June. With the unpredictable weather, it could freeze and damage any plants. I've seen freezing temp in June or July as well. So, just to be safe, I don't plant anything in my garden until the first weekend of June and I'm always ready to cover my garden if or when the freezing temp happen.

I have never thought apple tree would grow in Fairbanks, Alaska until I planted two trees in 2011. Here is my post last year about My apple tree after 7 years. I also have crabapple tree that produced a lot of fruits every year.

Here are the pictures of my garden throughout the years.

Bottle Gourds - did really well on my fence

My boy loves helping in the garden
Harvested ripe tomatoes and green beans - That's my dog Abby, I missed her. 

Got some peas 

Several types of squash - My goodness this was a long time ago.

This too was a long time ago. I love eggplants and I try to plant it every year. 


This was before we made raised box garden

My purple tomatoes

These strawberries are perennials, they grew back every year and produce really sweet fruits.  

Green Tomatoes - sometimes we have to picked them green because of the plant season is done and everything will freeze in the garden.

I love finding ripe tomatoes that are hiding
Alaska is known to have giant cabbage. So far I haven't had any giant cabbage but it still a good size when it's time to harvest.

Basel and eggplants - the purples

My perennial plant - Chives 

Flowered onions - Onions are perennials too.

Apple tree in the yard

Crabapple tree

Front Yard

Please join me on my journey

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