Valdez Alaska Fishing Trip

I always love the trip down to Valdez Alaska even though it takes several hours to get there. From my house in Fairbanks to Valdez  is about 362 miles away.

I have lived in Valdez two different times and I love it! A quaint small town.

Our fishing trip to Valdez last year was nice. We had a great time, the weather was nice, and the sun was out. However, our trip was more like a family trip and not a fishing trip down to Valdez  because we came home with no fish. Nada!

The only fish I caught, the bear took it (Bear in Our Campsite) It's all good though since we already have some fish from our previous fishing trips.

our boat creates this nice wave on this beautiful day in Valdez Inlet
Beautiful water over Valdez Inlet

Valdez Alaska Welcome sign
Valdez, Alaska

Small Boat harbor in Valdez. We are launching our boat to the harbor. What a sunny beautiful day!
Valdez Small Boat Harbor
Gateway to Prince William Sound

It was a beautiful day in Valdez. We were launching our boat to the harbor. It's a nice harbor, easy in and out. Not crowded at all when we were there.

Beautiful Valdez Harbor
Valdez Harbor

View of the Bear Paw Campground from our boat near the Valdez Harbor
View of Bear Paw Campground near Valdez Harbor

Great view of Valdez Inlet where mountains and sea met
Valdez Inlet

View of Ammunition Island - Shipping Terminal from our boat
View of Ammunition Island - Shipping Terminal

Expansion of Valdez Harbor - work in progress
Work in progress - expansion of Valdez boat harbor

View of Valdez Alyeska Pipeline Marine Terminal. View from our boat near Allison Point
View of Valdez Alyeska Pipeline, Marine Terminal from our boat off Allison point.

Late evening the winds picked up and water became choppy
Winds picked up and water became choppy. This was late in the evening. 

My son Alan, My jealous dog Sandy on our boat.
My jealous dog - Sandy
She also went fishing with us

Beautiful view of Valdez Narrows
View of the Valdez Narrows

Shoup Bay and Shoup Glacier
Shoup Bay and Glacier

Shoup Glacier a fraction of it's former size - Global warming effect
Shoup Glacier a fraction of it's former size

Alan the boy in Shoup Bay
In Shoup Bay, this place used to have a lot of ice floating around

My mother dear in Shoup Bay
My mom in Shoup Bay

Joel and our boat at Shoup Bay gravel spit
We came ashore on the gravel spit at the mouth of Shoup bay and enjoy the beautiful weather

Sea birds nesting habitat. Shoup Bay to the right and Valdez Inlet to the left
Sea birds nesting habitat. Shoup bay to the right and Valdez inlet to the left.

The family in Shoup Bay
Selfie time with the family 

Alan the boy was having a great time playing
Alan was having a great time

Log in shoup bay spit looks weird
Just keep looking and tell me what you see in this picture

Lots of dead fish, Salmon Carcass, in Shoup Bay gravel spit
Dead Salmon carcass all over this gravel spit 

Pretty little waterfalls near gold creek
Waterfalls near gold creek

The information Center in Valdez Alaska
Information center at the fish viewing pond

Fish Viewing area - Crooked Creek home for pink and chum salmon, born, leave, come back and die here unless they get caught
Crooked Creek - a home for pink and chum salmon. From a long journey to the sea and back, these fish have managed to come back alive but just to die in this clear water of crooked creek.

I found that Salmon are amazing fish, and here's why:
  1. Fish egg hatches from a creek or river then they become fingerlings
  2. Fingerlings start their journey to the ocean
  3. Spend 4 years in the ocean and then if they are not caught they return
  4. Return to the creek where they were hatched 
  5. They lay their eggs and die
"Salmon always come's back where they came from"

Beautiful Crooked Creek waterfalls behind the information center
Waterfalls in Crooked creek

Horsetail Falls just outside Valdez town. Me and my son Alan posing
Horsetail falls

These waterfalls are very popular. A few miles before you get to the town of Valdez, it's in Keystone Canyon. Almost all visitors who come to Valdez stops here just to get their pictures taken. Beautiful waterfall.

Bridal Vail Waterfalls
Bridal Veil Waterfalls

Welcome to Valdez sign
Welcome to Valdez
City Center 22 miles

Please continue to join me in my journey to blogging from A to Z this month of April

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