North Pole Alaska

Santa Claus house is what North Pole Alaska is well known for. Yes there is Santa Claus in North Pole and Santa Claus House that has christmas decoration all year long. It has toys, souvenirs, and christmas decorations for sale.  Also depending on what day or what time of a day, you can get pictures with Santa Claus. There's also some reindeer in the yard and ice park in the winter on Santa land. 

North Pole Alaska is about 14 miles from downtown Fairbanks. The population is approximately 2200.  It's a small town. It has one grocery store which is Safeway and one hotel North Pole Hotel. There are few restaurants around including one Mcdonalds.

For me though, North Pole is where some of my relatives and friends lives and also where my dentist office is located. Chena Lakes is also located in North Pole where we go for ice fishing in the winter. North Pole is a lot colder temperature than Fairbanks most of the time.

North Pole

Going to Badger Rd and Santa Claus Ln

Welcome to City of North Pole Alaska

United States Post Office - North Pole Alaska 99705

This is the Safeway grocery store and Hotel North Pole up ahead
Chena Lakes still frozen

Chena River flood control

Santa Claus House in North Pole Alaska

Santa Land 
Christmas in Ice North Pole

Santa Claus Reindeer in North Pole

Igloo Ice Sculptor

Christmas in Ice with Santa Claus and Sims Family

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