Under the Charm of Wild Alaskan Blueberries

Have you picked blueberries before? in the wild or in U-pick farm?

I have tried both and I can say I love them both but I have never got charmed by picking blueberries at the U-Pick farms like the wild Alaskan blueberries. Picking wild blueberries is a lot of fun and although it's a lot of work, it gives me joy, happiness, and it's free.

Picking blueberries in the wilderness is not like picking in rows of 4 ft high blueberry bushes at the u-pick farms. The wild blueberries here in Fairbanks, Alaska are almost kissing to the ground to maybe 2 ft high. And they grew randomly, sometimes in a cluster but other times spread far apart.

Hunting is a lot of fun (for the good wild blueberry bushes that is) but sometimes it can bring the greed out in me. I become discontented of the bush that I'm picking with when I see the next bush that appears to have a lot more berries. Most of the time I end up coming back to the spot where I just left, because I can see that I have missed a lot. I missed a lot by looking at other bushes and not what's in front of me (life lesson).

Wild Alaskan blueberries are literally in the wild. I found my spot in the wilderness where I share that location only to the people who are close to me. But I know my spot is also spot of several other people and bunch of wildlife. I'm so glad that so far we have not encounter a bear while picking blueberries. Bear poop is the closest we've been to a bear picking berries.

Picking blueberries has been a summer bonding with my family and friends. The bonding, the fun, the views, the challenges, the work, the hunting, the fruits, all I believed are the charms of wild blueberries and that's what gets under.

Spent few hours at a time picking blueberries that when I get to bed and close my eyes all I can see is blue all over and makes me wanting for more.

Time to go home but seeing these blueberries on our way out, its what's makes us to come back another day. It's a wild alaskan blueberry charm.  

I was having fun picking blueberries that when I looked up there it was, almost double rainbow

Under the rain or shine, it does not matter. If one of my friend asked to go, we all go unless I'm out of town and not available.

Picking blueberries is a stress reliever and a therapeutic for us. We get to talk about a lot of things that bother us, laughed a lot about silly things (we do laugh a lot), and sing out loud while picking wild blueberries. 

My Friend and her husband who also enjoyed blueberry picking with us, rain or shine.

It's more than just blueberry picking

This is where we parked our vehicles while we're out picking wild blueberries

Mmmm... this says it all.. Wild Alaskan Blueberries are mostly very tart

Tired little boy. This was Alan's very first blueberry picking with us. Start him young!

Tired little boy but with a bunch of wild alaskan blueberries

My son loves this fruit rolls that I made

Yummy blueberry pancakes

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