Snowboard and downhill Ski in Fairbanks

We have a long winter season but our season for snowboarding and skiing relies on how much snowfall we get and if the temperature don't go down -20°F below zero.  Skiing and Snowboarding season can be very short. We normally don't get a lot of snow until after new year and usually January and February are usually the coldest months. Middle of March is when the snowboarding and skiing season is pretty much done.  

In Fairbanks, we have three ski resort. The closest one in town is the one in Fort Wainwright Military Base - Birch Hill Ski and Snowboard Area. Pass at the visitor center is needed to in the base. Birch Hill Ski and Snowboard resort usually the first one to open for the season because they can make their own snow. The resort is only open on the weekend. 

Moose Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort is about 14 miles away from downtown Fairbanks. I really like this resort, aside of having nice trails, they also use school buses as their primary lift system. I have a fear of getting on and off chairlift but mostly getting off, I always fall to the ground. This resort is also only open on the weekend.
Ski Land Resort  is 20 miles away from town on Steese highway. I always love the drive up there especially few more miles down the hill is where the Chatanika Lodge where dredge burger is served. In Ski Land,  their season start in December and ends in April but only on Saturday and Sunday and weather dependent as well. 

Birch Hill Ski and Snowboard Area

This was in Birch Hill Ski Resort. Alan was learning to snowboard and he was really good at it.

On top of Birch Hill Ski and Snowboard Area

 At Birch Hill Ski and Snowboard Area. We took them snowboarding for their first time

I know down hill skiing is a lot of fun but I prefer snowboarding

This was at Moose Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort.

I stumbled and fell a lot but that's how I got back up and learned 

Chairlift in Ski Land

It's a slow lift but I got to enjoy the view

I was itching to go snowboarding in February and March this year but could not go because of my recent surgery.

Please join me on my journey

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