Midnight Sun 10K Run - Fun Event for the Whole Family

Literally a midnight sun run. A 10K run that starts at 10 pm from University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Patty Center and ends at the Pioneer Park. This event started in 1984 and it's held every year during the summer solstice celebration in Fairbanks, Alaska. It's great and super fun event, I've done it several times and always had a great time every time. 

To run the Midnight Sun 10K Run, all are welcome. Hundreds of people come and enjoy the run (and/or walk) and also some people cheering on the sidewalks. You can be an elite runner, run/walk with stroller, or however you wish to finish it doesn't matter even finishing it after midnight, as long as you have fun and at the same time knowing it that your running for a good cause. The proceeds will go to resource agency as well as scholarship for local student athletes. 

Please enjoy my photo collections throughout the year. I know I have more photos but I couldn't find them and some years that I joined, I didn't have any pictures at all. 

View of UAF Patty Center - The race just started

Alan was hugging back to that little girl. It was his first time joining the Midnight sun run at 3 years old.

Activities for the whole family starts 7:30 pm at the starting line in UAF Patty Center

Warm up dance before the run

Cool Costumes -  yep you can be as creative as you can and have fun in the midnight sun run

Walking towards the starting line at UAF Patty Center

This was the first time I rode the bus to Patty Center. I parked my vehicle at Carlson Center and hop on the free bus ride to UAF.

10 pm and the race begins

Great job with the costumes. This was after the 10k run and my 3 year old son still having fun.

Awesome support in the neighborhood
Water station.Wonderful people handing out waters to thirsty runners
Below are some interesting costumes. 

Few more steps to the finish line and the sun still shines
This was in 2011 - not bad for finishing up less than an hour but I could have done better

Fun midnight sun 10k run with friends and family

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