Xtreme Cold Weather Experience in Fairbanks

It was in January of 2017 a cold week about -30 to -40 below zero degree fahrenheit we still have to go to work. The forecast said the temp could go -50 the next day. Before I left work,  I asked my coworker what's our policy about working in these temperature. She told me that if at 6 in the morning, if the temperature is -50 below then we don't have to come to work.

The next day at 6am our temperature was -49°F. We still have to go to work but I know it's going to be bad on my vehicle to drive in this temperature so I decided to stay home. Only few people showed up at work that day, including my co-worker and she was the only one who showed up in our department. By 9am, the temperature went deep down more than -50 below fahrenheit and everyone who showed up to work was dismissed and was sent home. That day, there were also some vehicles on the road that quit working because of the extreme cold.

It was cold but GOT TO have my friends experienced the forty below temperature while visiting Fairbanks, Alaska.

Forty Below Club - I could not do this, I was only there for about 5 minutes and my fingers and toes were hurting and I'm all bundled up. 

Me and my hubby at 43 below zero

My Friend May on a forty below day

Frosted windshield  and windows at forty below zero. The car we were in has a hard time creating enough heat to defrost.

The sun that looks like a moon at freeing fog -43℉ weather 

after 5 minutes of being outside at -43℉

Almost done but please continue to join me in my journey to blogging from A to Z 

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