Ice Fishing in Chena Lakes

Chena Lakes is in North Pole Alaska and approximately 21 miles from downtown Fairbanks. We rented an ice house for $30 for a day with one bundle of firewood included. Chena lake is stocked with king salmon,grayling, rainbow trout, and arctic char. 

Our last ice fishing trip was in January 2017. On our reservation day, the temperature was about 20 below zero (-20°F) it was so cold! It took awhile for the stove to warm the ice hut.

There were six of us that went. For the four, it was their first time ice fishing. Probably not a great day because it was so cold, but it was a good experience for them anyway. We only caught one fish and I was the one who caught it, woo-hoo!

We stayed for few hours into the night and a trooper came by to check on us, making sure we are legally fishing, which we were and that's a good thing because it is very expensive to get a ticket.
Road to Chena Lakes on a cold day
Chena Lakes
Ice Houses on Chena Lakes - The dark brown hut is the one we rented from FNSB Parks and Recreation
Inside the icehouse there was 4 fishing holes, one on each corner
May and Alan in the middle of two fishing holes
Alan, Jessica and my mom
Wood stove -  what kept us warm - bundle of firewood was included in the rent
It was -20 degrees fahrenheit when we arrived there and when we left it was about 25 below zero.
This was on our previous ice fishing trip. I was a warmer day than the recent one.
My aunt fishing while my friend keeping our food warm
A great day to relax and do a whole lot of nothing while waiting for the fish
If you don't want to rent an icehouse, you can make your own hole and fish. As long as you have an ice auger, you are good to go.

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