Zinfandel to Celebrate the Last Letter of A to Z Blogging Challenge

Today is the last letter of A to Z  blogging challenge for the month of April. It was a tough month for me, having to choose which experience to post and looking through thousands of photos and  deciding which one to used. It was hard but also rewarding. I get to share my photos and experiences of living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

For my letter Z, my husband went to Fred Meyer and got me Arbor Mist White Zinfandel. He knows that I spent a lot of time blogging this month and he suggested I do Zinfandel for Z to celebrate getting through the A to Z blogging challenge.

Looking back through the years, going through photos, memories,  and blogging about it made me appreciate the LIFE more. And also making me want to do more adventures out there with my family.  Living life and not just existing.

White Zinfandel - To celebrate the last letter of A to Z blogging challenge. Only 6% alcohol. I rarely drink alcoholic beverages and this is good enough for me.

The final letter, thanks for joining me


  1. A perfect way to end the A to Z Challenge. It was a great experience this year. Loved finding so many new blogs. And I've kept the master list so I can go back and visit blogs I missed. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! Happy May Day!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I too have save a master list so I can go visit and remember those who I've visited.

  2. Great choice for Z! I've been on vacation and just catching up. I really enjoyed your photos and seeing what Alaska is like and what you do there. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Laura, I appreciate you letting me know that. Come visit Alaska!


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