Worthington Glacier Visits

Located off Richardson highway 28 miles from or to Valdez, this is a really good stop. An easy access from the road and a short hike to get in touch with the glacier. If you haven't seen a glacier before, I would really recommend this place and a drive to Valdez from here is absolutely beautiful.

It is sad though seeing how much the glacier had retreated over time.  I wish I could find the pictures we took in 2001 and 2002, it'll be interesting to see the difference.

Worthington Glacier view from the highway 2018

Worthington Glacier visit with my Aunt in 2007

Worthington Glacier in 2010 visit

Worthington Glacier with Alan in 2018 - the glacier had decrease significantly

Worthington Glacier visit with my friends in 2007

Worthington Glacier with my mom in 2010

Worthington Glacier visit 2018


Standing on the glacier in 2007

2007 visit  with my friend from Tinglayan Kalinga Philippines

Worthington Glacier visit 2007 with Kuya Eddy

View from the glacier

2007 with Haidee - the water behind her is from the glacier

2018 Visit 

2018 visit with my son Alan

2010 visit with my hubby 

View of the parking lot and the worthington glacier. The hill on the left side, there are so many hikers hiked up there and see the top of the glacier.

View of the Worthington Glacier parking lot in 2010 looking towards the highway

Worthington Glacier
State Recreation Site
Alaska State Parks
Department of Natural Resources

331 miles away from Fairbanks on Richardson highway

Almost done but please keep joining me in my journey to blogging from A to Z this month of April.


  1. Amazing! It's sad that the glacier is getting smaller... Global Warming. Sigh. Thanks for sharing your photos!

    Ronel visiting with the A-Z Challenge music and writing: Most Amazing

  2. Yes it was so sad seeing how much the glacier retreated due to global warming. Thanks for stopping by Ronel Janse van Vuuren.


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