Long Distance Drive to Fishing Holes

I live in the heart of Alaska (Fairbanks) which means going to the ocean or river for salmon fishing requires a long distance drive. 

Our Long Distance Drive to Fishing Holes

Getting to our fishing holes requires a lot of driving and gas burning
  • Our annual fishing trips to Kenai Peninsula takes at least 11 hours of long distance drive, a 523 miles. 
  • Then we also take long distance drive to Valdez, 362 miles, for a little over 6 hours drive.
  •  And our fishing trip to Copper River in Chitina takes more than 5 hours, a 311 miles from Fairbanks.  

Long distance driving is not all that boring it can be fun too

When we drive, we do take a lot of stops, taking pictures, bathroom stops, eating, and or resting. We listen to a lot of music and sing with it as well.  

We also talk to other drivers and try to give them driving advice, even though they can't hear us. 

Here are some conversation we usually have with them; 
  • Gosh! I can't believe you just did that, 
  • you're stupid,
  • what an idiot,  
  • what on earth are you doing?, 
  • get out of the road!, 
  • my gosh don't you know over 5 cars behind you is illegal?, 
  • you shouldn't do that?  
but they never listen. I guess they can't hear us.

"But what I learned from long distance driving and fishing was PATIENCE. 
You've got to have it or you will be bored to death."

Please enjoy the photos below and also check my post about Kasilof River Salmon Fishing

Our rest stop off Parks highway on our way to Kasilof and Kenai River
One of our rest stop off George Parks highway

Paxson Lake Richardson Highway
Richardson Highway - Paxson lake

View of the mountains off Richardson highway
Richardson Highway 
Road to Valdez and Chitina

View of Mt. McKinley or Denali from Parks Highway
Parks Highway - View of Mt. McKinley
Road going to Kenai Peninsula

Richardson Highway view of mountains and Delta River
Richardson Highway - just pass Fort Greely
Road towards Valdez and Chitina

View of the Mountains from Summit Lake rest area off Parks Highway
Rest stop off Parks Highway
Road towards Kenai Peninsula fishing holes

Thompson Pass road going to Valdez
Richardson Highway - Thompson Pass
To Valdez fishing hole

heading up to Thompson Pass from Valdez
Richardson Highway
Going up to Thompson Pass from Valdez fishing hole

Delta River Richardson highway
Delta River - Richardson highway

View of rainbow mountain on our way to Valdez
Rainbow Mountain
Richardson Highway and Delta River

O'Brien Creek - Chitina
Copper River Fishing hole

Rest stop for coffee and pies -  Parks Highway
George Parks Highway - Cantwell -  JP's Coffee House and Meat Pies. One of the places we stop and get something to eat. We love their meat pies, they taste so good! Here is their facebook account for more info JP's Coffee House

another beautiful rest stop off Richardson Highway
Another rest stop off Richardson highway

Fish viewing area just pass the Summit Lake off Richardson Highway
We always stop here to rest either going or coming from Valdez or Chitina fishing hole

Fish Viewing Area off Richardson Highway just passed  Summit Lake
Fish viewing area, a great place to stop, stretch, explore and use the restroom
Located south end of summit lake off Richardson highway. This was on our way to Chitina Copper River fishing hole

Jerky stand off Seward highway
We always look forward to seeing this Jerky stand on Seward highway

Another favorite rest stop on Parks highway on our way to Kenai Peninsula fishing holes
Another favorite rest stop on Parks highway

Beautiful rest stop off Seward Highway on our way to Kasilof and Kenai river fishing holes
Rest stop off Seward highway

My mom and friends at Turnagain Arms Beluga Point
Rest stop off Turnagain Arms - Beluga Point

My Mom in Valdez

Bridal Veil Falls in Valdez
Bridal veil falls Keystone Canyon Valdez

Richardson Highway

My mom in front of famous sign in Homer the Halibut fishing capital of the world
On our way to Halibut fishing capital of the world - Homer, Alaska. A 578 miles from Fairbanks.

Our boat and damage truck from hitting a moose on the road
We hit a moose on Parks highway close to Talkeetna around 2am. We were glad nothing bad happened to us and the damaged to the truck was minimal. 

Moose are everywhere in Alaska
Be careful driving, moose are everywhere in Alaska

Awesome water of Kenai Lake
Kenai Lake

Summer Road works in Alaska
Of course summer in Alaska also means road work. Expect delay on getting to any fishing holes. It's good though, a short stop from a long distance drive.

View of Mt. McKinley or Denali
Beautiful view from viewing area off Parks Highway of Mt. McKinley or now known as Denali

The Eggloo off Parks Highway
The Egglo off Parks highway just south of Cantwell

View of mountains and fireweeds off Seward highway
Seward highway

Welcome to Fairbanks Sign, my home sweet home
After a long distance drive, it's always good to see this sign knowing we are home.

Please continue to join me in my journey to blogging from A to Z this month of April

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