Awesome Family Fishing and Camping Trip in Quartz Lake

Our family weekend getaway to Quartz Lake in Alaska. We left Fairbanks just a little past 9pm and arrived in Quartz Lake at 10:44pm. Quartz lake is about 86 miles from downtown Fairbanks.

Quartz Lake campground owned by Alaska State Parks and The Alaska Fish and Game stocked the lake with fish annually.

When we arrived, there was no available campsite so we ended up camping in the gravel area by the lake, which I prefer and love. We paid the campground $15 a night and $10 for boat launch. Firewood was also available for sale, I don't remember exactly how much but I think it was $8 per bundle.

We didn't catch a lot of fish but we did enjoy our time there. It's an awesome place to come relax and enjoy the nature. What a great family fishing and camping trip. 

Beautiful Sunset, calm water, boating in Quartz Lake
Sunset in Quartz Lake

Quartz Lake State Recreation Area sign
Quartz Lake
Alaska State Parks

Back of the truck, dog in the kennel and camping gear
Sandy the Dog - ready to head down Quartz Lake at 9:07pm

Midnight at Quartz Lake still light out
Walked down to the lake after we put our tent up around 12:20 am.

view of parking lot in Quartz Lake
View of Parking lot and camping area looking from the lake

Quartz Lake, truck with tent and boat, tent on the ground
The next day, sun was shining out early. That's our truck with the tent where we slept in last night.

Sun shining, tents, and beautiful Quartz Lake
My mom's tent and the building to the left are the restrooms.

Pots over camp fire
Coffee's boiling, rice done cooking, eggs and bacon are ready for our breakfast

Boat in the water getting ready to go fishing
Getting ready to go fishing and exploring Quartz Lake

Boy caught a fish
Alan caught the first fish and it was the first fish he ever caught

Happy boy with the fish on the net that he caught
He was so excited and so happy! He caught a trout, a first fish he ever caught.

Boy and grandma with the fish she caught
Grandma showing her fish she caught

Beautiful day in Quartz Lake
Lovely weather

hand of a boy with fishing pole. Heart shape dragonflies

Dragonflies, dragonfly, waterlily
There was a lot of water lilies, water grass, and dragonflies around. Just love the nature!

It was a lot of fun in the lake but it got a little bit crowded at one point when some people played around with their water skis and what not..

What's in the Campground?

This Campground is really nice. It has shelter picnic area, clean toilets (no showers), 2 boat launches, volleyball area, and boat rentals. The Boat Rentals have fishing boats, pontoon boats, and non-powered available for rent. There are also hiking trails that we didn't get to go hike.

Boat Rental place in Quartz Lake
Boat rentals for full day, half day, or overnight. Thursday-Sunday only.

Wildflowers in Quartz Lake

Boat motors, beautiful water, nice lake

Crazy boy hair, boy in front of the boat, dog laying on the floor
What a crazy hair!
Sandy and Alan were both tired

View of the campground from the lake
View of the campground from the water

sunset reflection on the water. boy enjoying the weather
Good weather, clear skies, and still waters 

Truck pulling the boat leaving Quartz Lake
Spent two wonderful nights in Quartz Lake.
Fishing and Camping is over, now it's time to head home

Map of where Quartz lake is located

This trip was in July 2018.

Please continue to join me in my journey to blogging from A to Z this month of April

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