Quartz Lake Family Fishing and Camping Trip

Our family weekend getaway to Quartz lake. We left Fairbanks just a little past 9pm and arrived at 10:44pm. Quartz lake is about 86 miles from downtown Fairbanks. Quartz Lake campground owned by Alaska State Parks and The Alaska Fish and Game stocked the lake with fish annually.

When we arrived, there was no available campsite so we ended up camping in the gravel area by the lake which I love. We paid the campground for $15 a night and $10 for boat launch. Firewood was also available for sale, I don't remember exactly how much but I think it was $8 per bundle.

This Campground was really nice. It has shelter picnic area, clean toilets (no showers), 2 boat launches, volleyball area, and boat rentals. The Boat Rentals have fishing boats, pontoon boats, and non-powered available for rent. There are also hiking trails that we didn't get to go hike.

It was a lot of fun in the lake but it got a little bit crowded at one point when some people played around with their water skis and what not..

We didn't catch a lot of fish but we did enjoy our time there. It's an awesome place to come and enjoy the nature and great family fishing camping trip. This trip was in July 2018.

Sunset in Quartz Lake

Quartz Lake
Alaska State Parks

Sandy the Dog - ready to head down Quartz Lake at 9:07pm

Walked down to the lake after we put our tent up around 12:20 am.

View of Parking lot and camping area looking from the lake

The next day, sun was out early shining. We used the truck tent to sleep in

My mom's tent and the building to the left are the restrooms.

Coffee's boiling and rice done cooking. I also cooked eggs and bacon for our breakfast

Getting ready to head out and fish

Alan caught the first fish and it was the first fish he ever caught

He was so excited and so happy, caught a trout 

Grandma and Alan,  I believed this was salmon in the net

Lovely weather


There was a lot of water lilies and grass and dragonflies. Just love the nature!

Boat rental for full day, half day, or overnight. Thursday-Sunday only.


Sandy and Alan were both tired

View of the campground

Good weather, clear skies, and still waters 

Spent two wonderful nights there, and now it's time to head home

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