Fairbanks the golden heart city of Alaska is where I live

Why is it called the Golden Heart City of Alaska?
It's because of reach gold mining history that started the town and also Fairbanks is in the center location of Alaska.

Fairbanks area is huge but the town is not that big, we don't even have a large mall, and it's an expensive place to live in, but we do have a great community. 

Fairbanks is also a hub for surrounding villages. I was fortunate to visit several villages because of where I work. I was told that if I don't speak, I could blend in with Alaskan natives. Most of the time I'm asked what village I'm from and I either said down river or value village.

Fairbanks has been my home for almost 20 years now. I moved up here because I married my husband.We have a place here and still live in the same home ever since. We tried to retire to different state and other country but ended up coming back up here.

Fairbanks is very diverse town. We have people from all over the world, thanks to Fort Wainwright Military Base and Eielson Air Force Base. It's amazing driving behind several cars that has different car plates from several states. 

In my opinion, I think you can truly enjoy living in Fairbanks if you have toys which will keep you occupied during winter and summer time. And what I meant by having toys is having snow machine in the winter and boat in the summer and the list of toys goes up depending on what activities you want to do. 

Welcome to Fairbanks 

Golden Heart Plaza

The big building to the right is the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital

The river that runs through the heart of town  - The Chena River

The Yukon Quest - 1000 miles sled dog race -  from Fairbanks to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Frozen Chena River

Alan tried to clean up the car

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