Table Top Mountain Trails - A good day trip

Approximately 72 miles away north of Fairbanks, on Steese highway to Nome Creek Rd/US Creek Road is where the Table Top Mountain Trails start. It's a good day hike and drive if you want to enjoy the scenery and the nature. 

Almost to the top

A scenic drive on Nome Creek/US Creek Road

View of Table Top Mountain

View of Table Top Mountain through burnt trees

Table Top Mountain is in White Mountain which is a Federal land managed by Bureau of Land Management. There are several activities the White Mountains has offer.  White Mountains

The Table Top Mountain trail map. It's a loop trail, a 3 mile hike and a moderate climb.

This was part of the Table Top Mountain Trail Welcome sign.
"Wildfire during the summer of 2004 swept through Nome Creek Valley, charring the forest. Table Top Mountain Trail is still worth hiking for panoramic views from the top. The lower parts of the trail pass through a regenerating spruce forest. Trees that fall across the trail are periodically removed. Watch the trees that my still tip over in the wind or after rain has soaked the ground. Above tree line, the trail is marked with rock cairn. From the top, on clear days, you can experience a panoramic view of the surrounding highlands, Lime Peak, the granite tors in the Quartz Creek Trail area and occasionally, the Alaska Range." 

The trail winds through burnt and charred spruce trees

A great place to go wild Alaskan blueberry picking

It was a cloudy day and when we reached almost to the top, the temperature dropped. It was too cold for me to continue, so we decided to head back down. 

View of the valley from the top

Old tailing files from the gold dredge that went through the valley

This hike was taken awhile back. We still have our dear dog Abby. Hopefully this summer we get to go there again and with our son Alan.

Table Top Mountain Trails 72 miles from Fairbanks

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  1. What a beautiful, if scarred, landscape. Reminds me a bit of when we went to see Mt. St. Helen's in Washington state five years after the eruption. The only difference was most of the trees there were snapped off and only their frayed stumps were left. But the green had come back and things were growing again. This sounds like a perfect day hike and that is a unique looking mountain. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Lisa for stopping by. It's always nice seeing things growing after the devastation.

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