Baby and Banana

Organic banana is a must have in my kitchen. March of last year my baby first ate a banana and he loves it. Since then, he eats 1 almost every day. Some days he doesn't want to eat anything except for banana and drink his milk. I don't know what's with banana and baby but all I know is, when all else fail, banana is always there.

Banana is also good for Acid Reflux diet. So, instead of eating an orange a day, my husband eat banana instead. Well, our 5 pounds of banana that we bought last Sunday, here's what we have left, to the store we go tomorrow. 

Here is a short video of my baby eating banana for the very first time. He was a little over a year old in here. See what happens when grandma tries to help him.

Here's another short video of him eating banana. I hope you guys enjoy watching it.

It's a bit cloudy today but still a good day. Have a wonderful day everyone. 
Be good
Be kind
and Have fun!

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