No No No Noodle Boy

NO was my boy's favorite word but he's not saying it often now. It helps a lot by explaining to him and giving him other options instead of just say No. It's challenging but he's getting it and I'm getting it to.

Noodle Boy - this is a short video of him eating noodles like crazy. I was in awe seeing him ate like that. He ignored that bowl of noodles for a while. He was busy playing and messing up the house then Suddenly, he was in front of the TV with his face on the bowl eating like a dog, I was too late to capture that, but watch how he ate the rest.  I guess he was just being a kid and loves eating noodles.

He was being a noodle here with his Lola's headband. He put that there himself. We actually had a hard time taking it back from him.

Another beautiful and sunny day here in the great Pacific North West.  Here is a view of Mt. Baker from my back yard. Just gorgeous!

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