No No No Noodle Boy

NO was my boy's favorite word but he's not saying it often now. It helps a lot by explaining to him and giving him other options instead of just say No. It's challenging but he's getting it and I'm getting it to.

Noodle Boy - this is a short video of him eating noodles like crazy. I was in awe seeing him ate like that. He ignored that bowl of noodles for a while. He was busy playing and messing up the house then Suddenly, he was in front of the TV with his face on the bowl eating like a dog, I was too late to capture that, but watch how he ate the rest.  I guess he was just being a kid and loves eating noodles.

He was being a noodle here with his Lola's headband. He put that there himself. We actually had a hard time taking it back from him.

Another beautiful and sunny day here in the great Pacific North West.  Here is a view of Mt. Baker from my back yard. Just gorgeous!

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  1. He does love his noodles, LOL! He's so cute. And what a lovely backyard you have :)

    Untethered Realms

  2. Noodle boy lives up to his name:) I love the pic with him with no pants:) Great scenery you have

  3. Don't all little kids go through a "no" stage? I'd love to know how you are explaining to him that there are other words than no. Is there a trick or method to that?

    1. Yes, most kids go through the no stage. And I think my boy just passed the nononono stage. Will sometimes when I have something I want him to do or if there's something he shouldn't do, and when he start saying no, I'll come to him and say yes! and try to explain the best way I can. Being consistent is a key really and trying to avoid saying no without explanation.

  4. Now that my kids are older I miss the no stage, well kinda. Love the phot of Baker, we have a similar view here in BC and nothing beats it on a sunny day.

    1. Just gorgeous isn't it? It's been 3 days now that I can it clearly, it's been sunny and warm.
      Thanks for stopping by


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