Constant feeling of needing to stretch during bedtime

I have a difficult time falling to sleep last night. It was worst than any other night. It started few weeks ago, I have this constant feeling of needing to stretch my body, especially my legs and arms. It always happen just before I fall asleep. Sometimes, I just want to curl but then after few minutes, my brain tells my body to stretch again. There are times that, it almost give me cramps due to over stretching. It's annoying! I don't know what it is, but its been giving me some restless nights. Sometimes I stayed up way too late until that feeling is gone, then I can finally sleep.

 Coffee - 
It's on the list to avoid for acid reflux. My husband is one big coffee drinker but he hasn't have any coffee for a week now and he said he will go for another week.  Even though it's a torture for him, he still brewed me coffee this morning. I guess he was just following what the bible said about men should do the brewing "Hebrew"
I still have some left
Clean Up -
Here a short video of my baby cleaning up after he made a mess pouring apple cider juice to his cup. Just cute!

It's breezy here today. It looks like it might rain too. Thanks for stopping by.
Be good,
Be kind
Have fun!

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